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Boost your home’s value by staging.

Maintaining and increasing your home’s value can pay off in major ways. Not only does it help your home hold its value, it also helps it to sell for its full amount, and sell quicker.

1.Paint a room.

Paint the room in neutral colours with universal appeal, especially if the room is small – it will make the room appear larger.

2. Put away personal family decor.

If it’s filling up the room, buyers wont be able to imagine themselves in the room. Rule of thumb- LESS IS MORE.

3. Monochrome houses sell faster.

It makes them appear bigger, cleaner and newer.

  • Spray paint lamp bases, vases, and other small accessories that don’t fit your new and improved color scheme.
  • Recover pillows that need a color switch.
  • Paint all interior walls the same color.
  • Use slipcovers to make upholstered pieces match.
  • Paint or recover upholstered pieces. Yes, it’s possible.
  • Re-paint furniture that’s already painted, converting it to one of your chosen colours.

4. Create a sense of place.

  • Tennis rackets or golfclubs in the family room ephasises the community courts or golf courses.
  • Coffee table books of your city, town, neighbourhood and area.

5. Supersize ideas.

  • Remove small area rugs
  • Clear countertops and stage with big decorative items.
  • Store small decorative items until you’re ready to move.
  • Replace small wall art for large pieces.

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