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4 Tips on finding good tenants

Follow the Fair Housing Rules.

Read up to make sure you aren’t making tenant decisions based on race, gender, sex, religion, disability, or family status.

Meet them in person.

This should go without saying. You will want to physically meet them and walk them through the property. Seeing your prospective renter in person can give you some important indicators as to whether or not they will respectfully inhabit your home. You’ll get a sense of their cleanliness by seeing what they drive and the gut feeling you get about them is priceless. It takes very little time to conduct a walk through so make sure you don’t miss this.

Check their references.

This includes calling their last two landlords, their employer, and their personal references. Don’t slack on this. You’ll want to have actual conversations with all of these people. This helps you develop a better picture of what your tenant is like. Ask their former landlords how clean this applicant was and if they paid their rent on time. Did they have loud parties? Did they part amicably? Those are the things you want to know.

Take a large deposit.

You’ll want to take a substantial deposit that will actually cover damages in case your tenant turns out to be a rotten apple. One key tip is to never make the deposit the same as their monthly rent obligation. For instance, if the rent is €800 you should ask for €1000 as a deposit. If you ask for the same deposit as the rent amount your tenant will likely assume that it covers their last month’s rent. You don’t want that.